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Data Structure and Algorithm course

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What you’ll learn in the Course

Time Complexity

Learn fundamentals of programming and understand time complexity.

Array, String and Linked List

Master array, string and linked list and implement real time project on Git and GitHub.

Stack and Queue

Learn fundamentals of programming of stack and queue and its useage.

Hashing & Heap Sort

Learn fundamentals of programming the hashing/heap sort in very simpler way.

OOPS Concepts & Design

Learn fundamentals concepts of OOPs and use it real projects.

Competitive Programming

String based and mathematical competitive programming practise,Hackerank, Hackerearch Practise in Live classes

Binary Tree, N-ary Tree, Segment Tree etc

Learn fundamentals of binary tree and N-ary tree and use it project/assignements.

Greedy Algorithm

Learn all about building responsive websites using HTML5 and CSS3; discuss key HTML5 APIs and their use cases.

Backtracking & Recursion

Learn fundamentals of programming the world-wide web and its key stakeholders.

Graph Theory

Learn fundamentals of programming the world-wide web and its key stakeholders.

Dynamic Programming

Learn fundamentals of programming the world-wide web and its key stakeholders.

Advanced Data Structures

Complete Advanced data structures like Trie, Suffix Tree, Suffix Tree, ternary search trees etc

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Industry Projects

Learn real-time projects from industry experts, and use your learning expertise in the course by designing and coding projects from scratch. Also, it enhanced your resume with good expertise in the design & implementation of real-time projects.
  • Engage in collaborative real time projects with student-mentor interaction
  • Learn faster in-person through guidance from expert mentors
  • Personalized subjective feedback on your submissions to facilitate quick improvement

BookMyshow Design & Implement

This is a beginner-friendly real-time project using object-oriented principles and data structures and algorithms concepts. You will learn how to design & implement a ticket booking system that supports synchronization. ...Scalable user interaction and payment gateway integrated into the system. End to end complete flow implementation of the project

E-commerce Websites (Amazon, Flipkart, etc)

Design and Implementation of a project of e-commerce product ( Like Amazon, Flipkart) where users can pick items to their cart, place orders, track orders, and conformation will be sent after delivery. The payment gateway should be supported in card/cash/UPI options. ...Your system accepts the concurrent request from millions of customers and process their order with minimum latency and high efficient system


Data Structure and Algorithm course curated by leading faculties and industry leaders to provide pratical learning experience with live interactive classes and projects.

  • • Order complexity analysis
  • • What is Big 0 Notation, how to use it with various examples.

What is space & time complexity, examples to find out space time complexity

  • • Understanding Average, Best and Worst case of various programs.
  • • Analysis of Loops, Time Complexity of Loop with Powers

More complex examples which involves multiples exponential loops .

  • What is recursion, how to analyse recursion in call stacks .

  • • Understanding code flow of recursive call with examples

  • • Difference between recursive and iterative approaches
  • • Find space complexity of recursive calls.

  • • More Complex examples involve recursion calls,

  • Understanding the Array computations with examples .
  • Implementation of Array problems

  • Why do we need arrays ?
  • Array Advantages And Limitation over other data structures

  • Matrix related Problem(2-D array)
  • Minimum Window Substring
  • Two pointers approach etc

  • Linting, formatting, understanding Python code,
  • Array problems involves searching
  • Array sorting efficient algorithms

  • Discussion of Top product companies interview questions based on Array

  • Most asked interview question are based on strings.
  • How to efficiently solve strings problems

  • Tricks of solving the strings problems techniques
  • Two pointers tricks, window based problems etc

  • Discussion of Top product companies interview questions based on String

  • Linked List creation implementation
  • Adding,deleting and finding specific nodes

  • Implementation of Doubly linked list
  • Implementation of Circular linked list
  • Problems based on DLL, Circular LinkedList.

  • Merge two sorted linked lists, merge sort of a linked list
  • Reversing a linked list, k group Linked List etc

  • Discussion of top product companies interview questions based on DLL, LinkedList

  • Introduction to Trees.
  • Making a tree node class
  • Tree traversals
  • Destructor for tree node class

  • Balanced Trees, How to maintain Tree Balance
  • Self-balancing tree

  • In Order, Pre and Post-Order using recursion
  • Problems based on Binary Tree traversal
  • What Is a Binary Search Tree Used For?
  • Left view, right view, bottom view of binary tree etc

  • Discussion of Top product companies interview questions based on Binary tree

  • Introduction to Binary Search Trees
  • Searching a node in BST
  • Inserting and Deleting nodes in BST
  • Types of balanced BSTs

  • Discussion of Top product companies interview questions based on BST

  • B Tree, B+ Tree & Threaded binary tree
  • AVL Tree, Segment Tree
  • N-ary Tree and Problems

  • Discussion of Top product companies interview questions based on Advanced tree

  • Operations on Stack LIFO operation.
  • Applications & implementation of Stack Data Structure

  • Valid parenthesis, find next greater element, prefix, postfix etc

  • Complex problems of stack

  • Discussion of Top product companies interview questions based on Stack LIFO operation

  • Operations on Queue FIFO operation.
  • Applications & implementation of Queue Data Structure

  • Discussion of Top product companies interview questions based on Queue

  • Applications & implementation of Circular Queue Data Structure

  • Discussion of Top product companies interview questions based on Queue FIFO operation
  • Medium to Advanced set of problems discussion

  • Implementation of Priority Queue using various data structures
  • Insert, delete, peek operation in priority queue
  • Binary Heap Time Complexity of building a heap
  • Applications of Heap Data Structure

  • Min heap, Max heap implementation
  • Interview problems based on Min/Max Heap
  • Basic heap operation, Heapify operation implementation

  • Discussion of Top product companies interview questions based on Heap & Priority Queue

  • Hashing DS, Hash table, hash function.
  • Double hashing, probing
  • Insert, delete & search in hash in O(1) time

  • Top k elements, Smallest subarray, word count etc
  • Product companies Hashing interview questions

  • Implement LRU, various problems on LRU

  • Discussion of Top product companies interview questions based on Hashing

  • Graph and its representations.
  • Undirected Graph, Directed Graph, Connected Graph etc

  • Graph implementation of Adjacency List
  • Adjacency matrix representation of Graph

  • DFS implementation, Application
  • BFS implementation , Application

  • Medium to Advanced interview questions on BFS & DFS

  • All types & implementation of Shortest Path Algorithms
  • Single-Source Shortest Paths in Directed & Undirected graph

  • Trie Data Structure - Explained with Examples.
  • Why use Trie Data Structure?

  • Insert in Trie
  • Search in Trie
  • Trie Applications

  • Word search, Longest Common Prefix, Words in dictionary etc

  • Suffix Tree Introduction
  • Search a pattern using the built Suffix Array
  • Longest common prefix of two substrings
  • Finding the longest repeated substring
  • Pattern searching

  • Representation of ternary search trees
  • Applications of ternary search trees

  • Representation of ternary search trees
  • Applications of ternary search trees

  • Representation of Segment trees
  • Construction of segment tree from array
  • Interview questions of segment tree

  • Discussion of Top product companies interview questions based on Advanced DSA

Program highlights

  • 110+ Hours Live sessions
  • 3+ Projects
  • 1:1 Doubt Session
  • 1 Year Subscription
  • Life time accessibility
  • Job Assistance Program
  • Peer to peer Learning
  • Mock Interview
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Data Structures & Algorithms Course FAQs

Live Interactive Course


    You can attend a free demo class from your mentor before joining the course. This session will go around 90 min of duration. You can clarify all your doubts during this live demo session before joining the batch.

    We offer fully online classes via live sessions due to the outbreak. That means you can talk to your instructor in real-time, just like a traditional face-to-face session. Additionally, at this time, all practical sessions of our data structures, algorithms & problem solving course will be conducted using cloud-based services.

Firstly, we offer live online classes for our Data Structures, Algorithms & Problem solving course. Also, all of our students have access to recorded versions of those classes. In addition, we also give you unlimited access to these recorded sessions, so you can go back to them whenever you need theoretical help for your interview preparation. As a result, you need not be disappointed if you miss any of the live classes under our online training. However, we strongly advise you to participate in all live classes.

Most importantly, if you do not understand an entire module under the DSA live course, you can repeat the same class with another batch. Thus, leaving no chance for you to remain in confusion about the learning modules.

After completion of the demo class, we offer 15% early bird discount for the next 10 days. If you join within 10 days after the demo class, you will be eligible for a discount.

  • Weekend Classes : 3 hours (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Duration: 4 months

Job Assistance program is available for all candidates being regular with classes. Be attentive with regular classes & solve all assignments. After completion of the course, you will be eligible for the job referrals program

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Siddharth Pande

Full Stack Developer
One of the Best Resources for Learning DSA & Design. Logicmojo Course Helped me Multiple Times During Interview Preparation For Companies like Walmart, Oracle, and Microsoft. No Need of Any Other Online Materials.

Anjani Kumar

Software Development Engineer - 1
Very Well-arranged Course and its Amazing Lecture Delivery by Trainers. Expert Team is always Available to solve Any Technical Queries. Logicmojo Live Preparation Training Helps me to Crack Zynga and Now Amazon Interview.

Afnaan Rafique

Software Engineer 2
I have a very great experience with Logicmojo. Learning by doing is a great way to learn something which Logicmojo team encouraged me to do so. The course has a big contribution to my success.

Piyush Mittal

Senior Developer
The Course Curriculum is of the Best Quality Along with the Best Learning Experience from my Tutor. Best Course to Prepare For MAANG Companies Interview. I Cracked Paytm, Adobe, Intuit, and Microsoft. Finally Joined Microsoft

Diwakar Choudhary

Staff Engineer/Manager
Excellent Course for Interview Preparation, Very Straight to the Point ,In-Depth Coverage of Every Point in Live Classes. Speecially Focus on Practical Implementation of Every Coding & Architectiral Problems.

Priya Singh

Senior Software Engineer
The Course Curriculum is of Best Quality Along with Good Coding Problems that Discussed in the Class. Materials are Helpful even After Completion of the Course.

Rajnish Kumar

Staff Engineer
Great course! Definitely helped me open some new doors in understanding how algorithms work and implementing solutions for the different exercises. Live Courses are recommended for Working Professionals.

Aravindo Swain

Software Engineer - II
I Would say the Best Part is the Explanation by the Trainer, Concise and Clear. Great Quality of Online Materials and Classes, It Covers all Algorithms and System Design Problems asked During Interviews
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