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JavaScript is being used by Google and Facebook to develop powerful, full-featured web apps. Node.js has been one of the most popular languages for developing server-side software since its release. Even the internet can't hold JavaScript's adaptability nowadays. I suppose you are already aware of these facts, which is why you are here for JavaScript Interview Questions.

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In this article, We are going to list some of the most important Javascript Interview Questions which will set you apart in the interview process.

We are going to understand the fundamentals and building blocks of Javascript by answering the most frequently asked interview questions.

Most Common Javascript Interview Questions 2023

What is Javascript?

JavaScript is the Programming Language for the Web. JavaScript can update and change both HTML and CSS. It is a dynamic computer programming language. It is lightweight

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Arrays in Javascript

JavaScript arrays can be resized and hold a variety of data types. Arrays in JavaScript are not associative arrays.

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Javascript loops

There are four kinds of data bindings in AngularJS Event Binding, Property Binding,
Two way Binding and Interpolation Binding

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Function in Javascript

A JavaScript function is a piece of code that performs a certain task. When "something" calls a JavaScript function, it is executed.

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Java Vs Javascript

In Java programming language, programs are saved with the ".java" extension. On the other hand, programs in JavaScript are saved with the ".js" extension

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Javascript Data Types

JavaScript primitive data types ; Number, represents numeric values e.g. 100 ; Boolean, represents boolean value either false or true ; Undefined,

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Javascript Map

The Map object holds key-value pairs and remembers the original insertion order of the keys. Map() creates a new array from calling a function for every array element.

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Objects in javascript

JavaScript object is a non-primitive data-type that allows you to store multiple collections of data. Note: If you are familiar with other programming languages

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Javascript SetTimeout()

setTimeout() is an asynchronous function, meaning that the timer function will not pause execution of other functions in the functions stack.

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Javascript Splice

Splice() is used to add or remove an element
in a array, and it would modify the origin array. Slice and splice are two useful JavaScript methods for working with JavaScript methods

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Javascript void 0

The word void means "completely empty space" according to the dictionary. This term, when used in programming, refers to a return no value

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Javascript Filter

The filter() method creates a new array filled with elements that pass a test provided by a function.

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Javascript Prototype

Every object in JavaScript has a built-in property, which is called its prototype. The prototype is itself an object

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Javascript Slice

The slice() method returns selected elements in an array, as a new array. The slice() method selects from a given start, up to a (not inclusive) given end.

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TypeError Python scalars

The slice() method returns selected elements in an array, as a new array. The slice() method selects from a given start, up to a (not inclusive) given end.

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