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Angular Interview Questions

Everything About Angular Interview

There are numerous JavaScript frameworks to choose from when creating a Web application. A front-end framework is a piece of software that gives us the tools we need to create a web application while also outlining how it should be built and coded. JS Code (jQuery, etc.) was used exclusively in the early days of web application development, but as the web application evolved, the client-side UI became more sophisticated, and we began to use available front-end frameworks.

The most important three keywords which come’s to my mind whenever you learn a new technology.
🙄 What is that?
💡 Why should I learn that?
💡 How to use that in my project?

In this article, We are going to list some of the most important Angular tutorials and Questions which will set you apart in the interview process.

We are going to understand the fundamentals and building blocks of Angular by answering the most frequently asked interview questions.

Most Common Angular Interview Questions

What is AngularJS?

AngularJs is a Javascript open-source front-end framework that is mainly used to develop single-page web applications(SPAs).

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Features of AngularJS

There are so many features in AngularJS like MVC Framework, The unique AngularJS
Router, User Interface with HTML, Directives, Scope,

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Data Binding in AngularJS

There are four kinds of data bindings in AngularJS Event Binding, Property Binding,
Two way Binding and Interpolation Binding

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Components in Angular Interview Questions

Components are the most basic UI building block of an Angular app. An Angular app contains a tree of Angular components.

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Routing in AngularJS

Routing in AngularJS is used when the user wants to navigate to different pages in an application but still wants it to be a single
page application.

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NgSwitch in Angular

The ngSwitch directive is used to conditi-
onally swap DOM structure on your template based on a scope expression.

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Pipes in Angular

A pipe takes in data as input and transforms
it into an output. The pipe's purpose is to
allow the transformation of an existing value. Creating a pipe is very simple in Angular. We just decorate a class with the @Pipe
decorator, provide a name and a transform function

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lifecycle hooks in Angular

Respond to events in the lifecycle of a component or directive by implementing one or more of the lifecycle hook interfaces in the Angular core library

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Directives in Angular

Directives are instructions in the DOM. They specify how to place your components and business logic in the Angular. To create a directive, use the CLI command ng generate directive

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Dependency Injection in Angular

Dependencies are services or objects that a class needs to perform its function. Dependency injection, or DI, is a
design pattern in which a class requests dependencies from external sources rather than creating them.

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Angular Vs AngularJS

The most fundamental distinction between
the two open-source frameworks is that Angular is built on Typescript (a superset of ES6), whereas AngularJs is based on JS.

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Templates in Angular

In Angular, a template is a view whose
purpose is to display data and update it when an event occurs. HTML is the default template language.

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Services in Angular

A service is a reusable piece of code with a specific purpose. A piece of code that will be used in numerous parts of your application.

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Angular Decorators

Decorators are design patterns that allow you to change or decorate a class without changing the original code.

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Controller in AngularJS

In AngularJS, a Controller gets the data from the View, processes it, and then delivers it to the view that is displayed to the end user.

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Filters in AngularJS

In AngularJS, a Filter is used to format the
value of an expression so that it may be displayed to the user without modifying its original format.

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AngularJS- MVC Architecture

MVC stands for Model View Controller, and it's a widely common web design paradigm. It
aids in the organisation of your application
into three levels, separating the business
logic from the presentation.

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Forms in Angular

In Angular, you may use reactive and template -driven techniques to process user input through forms. Both capture and assess user input events from the view, update the form and data models, and keep track of changes.

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