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Logicmojo offering best online data structures and algorithms course for preparing coding interviews. All tech giant companies always focus on problem-solving during interviews irrespective of the domain you are working for or you’re a fresher. Learn data structure and algorithm for experts and finish your preparation in 2-3 months. We teach data structures and algorithms in Java, Python and C++ languages with complete code explanation.

The best way to learn data structure and algorithm courses is to practice every problem by yourself. Practice is only key to cracking top tech company's interviews. Experienced candidates must prepare for System Design problems also. Learn System Design, Distributed System as well as oops design from experts Instructor with 12+ experience in FAANG companies.

course features

logicmojo provides 60+ HOURS LECTURES in data structures and algorithms course
logicmojo provides ASSIGNMENTS & ASSIGNMENTS DISCUSSION in data structures and algorithms course
logicmojo provides WEEKLY CODING TEST in data structures and algorithms course
logicmojo provides JOB ASSISTANCE in data structures and algorithms course
logicmojo provides LIFE TIME COURSE ACCESS in data structures and algorithms course
logicmojo provides DOUBT CLEARING SESSION in data structures and algorithms course
logicmojo provides COMPLETE CODE EXPLANATION in data structures and algorithms course
logicmojo provides REGULAR UPDATES in data structures and algorithms course
Data Structures And Algorithms In Java

Data Structures And Algorithms In Java

Although Data Structures and Algorithms is considered to be independent of languages, but in this course we support three languages Java, Python and C++. In Data structures and Algorithms in java/Python/C++, we explain all problems with a complete code explanation. Java language is used mostly in Application Development, Cloud as well as distributed design components. Most e-commerce companies or e-retail companies (like Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart) develop applications using Java Frameworks. When you are preparing Data structures and Algorithms in java you can also use the inbuilt library available in the framework.

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Data Structures And Algorithms In Python

Similarly, if you are from a Python language background, you can learn Data structures and Algorithms in Python. Python is considered to be the most easy-to-learn programming language. Python is primarily used in the automation domain as well as Data Science and ML field. Likewise, java also has lots of library functions that can use used to implement the Data structures and Algorithms in Python.

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Data Structures And Algorithms In Python
Data Structures And Algorithms In C/C++

Data Structures And Algorithms In C/C++

The candidate's having experience in C/C++ must be working in Embedded Domain or Telecom/Networking Domain. You can learn Data structures and Algorithms in C++ in this course.

C or C++ is most close to the hardware, so it enriches with huge library inbuilt functions. But during the interview, you can some of the libraries for solving Data structures and Algorithms in C++ language.

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What Is Data Structures and Algorithms?

A data structure is a named location that can be used to store and organize data. And, an algorithm is a collection of steps to solve a particular problem. Learning data structures and algorithms allow us to write efficient and optimized computer programs

Why Learning Data Structure And Algorithms Is Important?

Currently, All the product companies in the world ask data structures and algorithms based problems for testing the candidates' programming skills. Data structures and Algorithms is the most important subject of computer science, in fact, this is the only subject of computer science that is widely used across all industry whether it’s an e-commerce company/ retail/ health sector/ banking sector/ telecom/ networking or any technology organizations. Learning Data Structures and Algorithms require fine grip in concepts and hands-on practice in problem-solving.

Logicmojo Data structures and Algorithms Course covers every topic in the form of lectures and assignments. Lectures for understanding problem-solving techniques and assignments for practicing those techniques.

Space & Time Complexity

Before starting to learn Data Structures and Algorithms, it is also very important to understand how to measure the time and space complexity of a program. Based on these complexities we optimized our solutions during interviews.

Recursion is the base of Data Structures and Algorithms

In this Data Structures and Algorithms Course, our main focus is to teach the candidates how to visualize recursion. Start from array till Graph, Every topic is implemented mostly in recursion. So after space and Time complexity, our main aim is to make candidates well aware of recursions with multiple examples.

Every interview round start with Array

Learning Data Structures and Algorithms start with Array problems. Most candidates think array problems are easy and they skip it. But initial rounds of all product companies start with arrays problems. Data Structures and Algorithms course also starts with a huge list of arrays problems to cover every aspect of it.

Which language is best for learning Data Structures and Algorithms?

As far as Data Structures and Algorithms are a concern, it is considered to be independent of language. If you know the logic you can implement it in any language. But in general, the languages which support Object Oriented Principles. You can learn Data Structures and Algorithms in JAVA, Python, C++, C#, Scala, etc. Although in this course we provide support for 3 languages that is JAVA, Python and C++. As most of the developers use these languages only worldwide.

How to learn the techniques of Solving Data Structures and Algorithms Problems

It's the same principles we learn while solving physics, Maths problems during school days. Try to identify the techniques while solving problems and use the same techniques problems for practice. So we won't forget. In Logicmojo Data Structures and Algorithms Course, we explain techniques of solving problems, and then we have assignments attach with the lecture based on the same techniques. So you have a good hands-on with all the concepts.

Learning Data Structures and algorithms is a step-by-step process. It's not about writing any brute force, it's about solving problems by using some algorithms in an optimized manner. Logicmojo Data Structures and Algorithms course covers all in-depth concepts with full code explanations.

Frequently asked questions

Below are the frequently asked questions from students


Now a days even if you are freshers or experienced candidates. Data structures algorithms question as well as system design question must be there in your interview rounds. You need first start learning data structures followed by algorithms topics. Once its Done, then start preparing system design , oops design & design patterns also. In this course we cover end to end all these topics.

  • 1. If you just finished this course only, we guarantee that you can crack the interview of any top organization across the globe.
  • 2. It's a Lifetime access course, so whenever in future you have an interview coming in your carrier just revise topics from our course and nailed the interview
  • 3. We discussed every lecture with complete code line by line explanation
  • 4. There are no prerequisites for this course and is best for someone working in IT/Aspirants preparing for Interview
  • 5. Course content is structured and designed to fulfill the current job requirement and need of IT industry

2 Months to 2.5 Months

If you just spend 2 hours every day in this course then in 2 to 2.5 months of time frame your preparation of coding and system design interview will be done.

You dont even need to refer to any other resources just finish this course and you are good to go for Top Tech Interviews

Any one of them.

Every language has it's own unique features

Java mostly used in -> Application Development, cloud technology, Banking sector, Health sector, Full stack development

Python Mostly used in → Automation, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

C++ mostly used in → Embedded Technology, Linux Kernel , Telecom Sector, Little bit in Networking sector

You can choose any of these as per your interest.

We don't use any library while solving data structures and algorithms based problems. Basic loop understanding in Java or C++ or Python is more than enough to understand this course.

Basically , during interview in coding rounds you should not use any library, because interviewer want to judge your coding skills

We provide complete code explanation of every lectures and assignments in java, Python and C++ languages.

Following the lectures sequently and trying assignments by yourself is the best way to learn data structures and algorithms quickly within 2-3 month. Even if you cant manage to solve assignments then you refer video solution or ask queries from our experts

Complete Software infrastructures depends on writing quality error free code. Quality Error Free code can only be written by learning concepts of Data structures Algorithms & System Design.

Users can participate in Online Weekly Code forever but Doubt clearing session will be available for 5 month period

We want candidates should also put their effort into completing the course and participate in the Weekly online coding test. All the performant subscribers in the coding test will be eligible for Mock interviews as well as Job referral program

The weekly coding test is on hackerrank platform with 2 problems and 90 min of time frame.

There is no limit on the number of weekly coding test subscribers who want to attend. Subscribers can attend these weekly coding tests at any time. So, It's advisable they should start participating in the weekly coding test when they feel confident on a particular topic.

Yes, every problem in this course is explained with code and examples. Our main intention is to make the programming skills of our candidates strong. So line by line code explains while solving any problems

We don't put any constraint of the batch system in our course, as soon as aspirants subscribe for the course complete course content will be available

Batch System always restricts aspirants from accessing the complete course. If a student has an interview after a few weeks and he/she want to prepare for advanced topics, then the batch system will not allow accessing the course content

Yes, you can access the complete course in Mobile or Tablet



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