Data Structures and Algorithms

Data structure and algorithms is the primary requirement to cracking coding interviews of Top product organizations. All coding rounds of any organizations across the globe consist of various data structure and algorithms topics. We Offer Data structure and Algorithms Course which covers in-depth concepts of various topics with step by step code explanation.


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Currently, we support Data structure and Algorithms in Java, Python and C++ languages. Every lectures and assignments are discussed with line by line code explanation. Yes! We have assignments also so subscribers can practice by themselves. Even if you cant manage to solve problems we discussed all assignments in detail with Complete code explanation.

It's a life time access course with below features : –

  • Practice Lecture and Assignments in inbuilt code Editors
  • Visualize step by step execution of code in the form diagrams and pointers
  • Assignments & Assignments Discussion
  • Clarify all your doubts online anytime
  • Weekly Coding test in Hackerank platform to track your progress
  • Mock Interview sessions
  • Referrals Job Interview program
  • Resume preparation guidelines